Bragging Rights

Catch up on the latest achievements of:

Tweedhill Diamond Jim CGC,Am.CD. (Django) (Friend of the Family)

(proud owner - Philipa)

Sadly, Django left us on 21 February 2008, Click here to visit Django's Rainbow Bridge Page

Who says you can't teach an "Old"er dog new tricks

Not satisfied with a CGC, Django graduated to earn his American Companion Dog Title.
The first two legs were earned at the Genesee County Kennel Club, Inc Obedience Trials on May 15th (judge Mr. Robin G. Shea) and 16th (3rd place - judge Mrs. Catherine M. Thompson).
He completed his title by overcoming less than ideal conditions at the Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club Show on June 05, 2004 under judge Ms. Lorraine Fitzgerald.
Thank you Django and Philipa for being such fantastic ambassadors for rescue.
This brag benefits Canadian Border Terrier Welfare Big Time!

Ex-rescue becomes a "Good Citizen"

Django defied all the odds (and maybe a few expectations) to pass the CGC test

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