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January:Where has this month gone?
February:Short on days, long on action>
March:Spring is in the air....somewhere!!
April:Spring has arrived, sort of
May:Here, there and everywhere
July:Bound for Nova Scotia

Border Terrier Canada National Specialty - July 6, 2018

In conjunction with the Cape Breton Kennel Club Shows, Sydney, NS July 6-8, 2018
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September:Rocky Mountain High anybody?

Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty - August 31 - September 05, 2018

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May - Here, there and everywhere

The month started with a trip to Robbinsville, New Jersey for a true Earthdog "old friends" experience and ended in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for a friendly and fun "home town" dog show!
In between there were Earthdog tests in Ontario and Rally trials in Quebec

Several JJ dogs got to play in New Jersey with Digger and Colin earning titles in earthdog and coursing ability respectively. At the Ontario earthdog tests, Rupert excelled in Senior and Digger took care of his CKC Junior Titles

We also bid an official welcome to the JJ family to Rosie the CBTW Foster dog. On our way to the ED tests in NJ, we stopped off to introduce Rosie to Chris, Jeff and Freddie.
Rosie instantly fell for Jeff, no surprise there. Freddie is gradually warming up to her and she will keep Chris on her toes.
Rosie will never replace Sophie in any way, shape or form but she will weave new adventures (and challenges) into the fabric of the Morett household. She is a really sweet dog at heart and I cannot imagine a better home for her.

May the "Fourth" be with you, Avery gave birth to 5 little pup-a-lumps on May 4th, sadly one earned his wings too soon but his four earthbound siblings (two girls and two boys) are doing just fine

Tony, Beth & Loki opted out of the last day of the Fort St John dog shows in order to meet up with Mark, Michele and Tank on their way to Alasks.
Mile zero of the Alaska Highway being basically on Tony & Beth's doorstep!

Early May saw Mel & Marion's Zeke and his siblings, Maya and Grady turn 15, never forgetting sweet Higgs. Also on May 5th, Florida Donna's Fiona celebrated her 8th birthday, while one day later on May 6th, Robyn hit double digits!.

Whatever "power that be" thought a Porcupine under the bush would make a great 15th birthday present for Zek, owes Mel & Marion an apology (and a vet bill)

I think it is safe to say that Rosie is not too stressed out by her move to PA

Jessie looking every inch the show dog, nice grooming job Lisa!

Rupert's 2nd SE leg came under Richard Reynolds. He titled under Judy Todd

Gallivanting around the country is all well and good but there are chores to be done, not that Boomer was helping much

Happy 10th birthday Robyn. Such a sweet girl.....until she sets eyes on any critters that dare to cross our threshold.

Geordie enjoying an outing by the lake, getting in shape for his veteran debut in Cape Breton

April - Spring has arrived, sort of

Snow, sun and rain, April saw them all - at least in the Northeast. Some of the JJ members did much better with sun, sun, sun!!!

Ivy officially joined Avery with a status of "lady in waiting", though Avery's delivery is infinitely more imminent, and Rosie was guaranteed never to become a "lady in waiting" with an uneventful spay on April 10th.

April was a quiet month for birthdays
Sensei became a venerable veteran on April 8th when he turned 15!!
and Pipit became a veteran celebrating her 7th birthday on April 17th

Water, water everywhere, Tank found a drop to drink!

Boomer enjoying a spring fling

Happy 15th Birthday Sensei

Geordie (NS) soaking up the sun

Could Bertie look any cuter?

Or Felek any sillier?

Archie working his own brand of cute

Robyn & Boomer, Enemies in the home,
co-workers in the hole

Ricky with his faithful side kick Geordie by his side

Little does she know, but Ivy is about to lose her svelte figure

March - Spring is in the air....somewhere!!

Looks like Jane Kroll's Schemer wins the "bad" news award for March, blowing out her cruciate. Thankfully she came through surgery with flying colors.

Towards the end of March I picked up a foster dog on behalf of CBTW. It was a hard decision for her owners but the right one for Scout (renamed Rosie). She is an absolute sweetheart who will make an awesome companion with some patience and consistent training

There were a whole host of birthdays in March:
The Zeke/Hazel kids: Geordie, Touzie, Tank and Bramble turned 8 on the 4th of March
Andrea & Richard's Gryzia celebrated her 6th birthday on March 7th.
Helen Blake's CBTW boy, Gator enjoyed his 13th birthday in the best home he could have wished for on March 9th.
Amanda's Ida closed in on teenage years, turning 12 on March 12th.
Jenny's Daisy marked her 15th birthday on March 26th with a Venerable Veteran's Slide Show on the BTCA web site.
Molly and Tinker rounded out the month celebrating their 15th birthday on March 31st, never forgetting bridge sister Sophie

Boomer performing the annual ritual of checking how many woodchucks made it through our Canadian winter

Tank, hot on the trail of... birthday treats???

Touzie waiting for the birthday treats to come to her.

Geordie hoping that looking sad will score some treats

Rosie may have let her love of retrieving get the better of her!

She is keen to learn and anxious to please, a joy to work with.

An exuberant youngster who also
knows how to "chill"

Molly celebrated her 15th birthday by stealing Mel's latte

Not sure how Tinker celebrated but she apparently partied too hard

You don't need a birthday to celebrate a good day, just ask Archie

Digger longing for spring

Loki looking for spring

Abbey has found spring

February - Short on days, long on action

Digger, Boomer and I made a brief trip to Ottawa, it was great to catch up with Fred, Marnie and Archie. This month's health challenge reared its ugly head with Archie being diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. Finding an effective medication protocol is proving a major challenge.

Halfway through the month, Donna came to visit with Colin and Fells. Colin endured being stripped in preparaion for the Canadian Specialty but was well rewarded by the obligatory visit to the Hot Dog Cafe
I think he was less thrilled to have to stay with us while Donna enjoyed a vacation with her mom. But he was a good sport.

There was exciting news mid-month with the arrival of a new pup chez Sarah Jones. We bid a very warm welcome to Bertie (a.k.a. Foxrun Winter's Bark).

Sadly, there was a sudden loss this month when Barb's beautiful white cat, Pinkerton.

Celebrating birthdays in February:
Maisie, Teazle and Dundee - 12 on February 9th (never forgetting Pip)
Annae Geall's Ellie turned 14 on February 10th
Jinx and Karma inched closer to double digits, turning 9 on February 21st (with bittersweet memories of Mimi and her pups)

RIP Pinkerton

Fells & Colin at the Hot Dog Cafe. Colin would appreciate some help with the French menu

Fells proving that he can show retraint and perfect manners in the presence of food.

A very attentive audience. The boys got to share a sausage and the ham came home in a "doggy" bag.

Fells headed back to New Jersey without Colin

Fells headed to Dog Camp without his hair!!!

Abbey caught "red-pawed" destroying a catnip toy

Tumnus, Rupert and friend, Henry enjoying the chance to soak
up some early spring sunshine

Roman and Keltic enjoying each
other's company

January - Where has this month gone?

2017 ended with an amazing visit from Anna and Mel with their assorted canines. Consequently we celebrated New Year with 4 people, 2 Whippets and 8 Borders ranging in age from 12 weeks to 15 years.
Anna left with one more than she came with as Lola (was Laa-Laa) has joined the Robaczewski household.

On the down side, Isobel's Maisie was diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), it was caught early and, hopefully, it can be well managed.

The month ended with a visit from Bob Glatter, his lovely wife Marsha and their youngest daughter Mickie (an asset to any kitchen). Our house was very quite when they left as Ruby (was Dipsy) departed with them to start a new and exciting chapter in her life.

Boomer, Robyn and Digger do not seem to be missing her one little bit.

Celebrating birthdays in January:
Lexi and Simon - 16 on January 3rd (never forgetting Maggie)
Anna's Felek - 5 on January 24th (yes, that's five years not five months!!!)
David & Lisa's Jessie - 3 on January 19th
Marg & Amanda's Devlin - 12 on January 26

Our traditional New Year's Day dinner all the better for being shared with good friends, and yes! The dogs did get to taste some leftover lamb!

The "old girls"; Molly, Boomer and Hazel off to the Hot Dog Cafe

Their manners were of course impeccable, we would expect no less from such seasoned travellers.

"Do you plan on finishing that?". Of course Mel saved them some.

"'You are my sunshine!" Geordie (UK) soaking up some rays

Hazel enjoying breakfast in bed while vacationing in Quebec!

Archie looking very pensive, bet he would have liked to visit

Jessie enjoying quiet time and good company on her birthday

At 16 years old, Lexi is entitled to demolish her cake

Fia was a great guest and made herself very much at home

Hazel and Felek just heard that Lola is going home with them.

Boomer just heard that Lola is going home with Felek and Hazel.

Robyn just heard .... Oh never mind! She doesn't give a dang!

Hazel, Lola and Felek happy to be home in Halifax. Though Hazel might be making a point

Ruby doesn't seem to be missing her sister one little bit, more toys and time for her.

Besides, she can always count on Digger for when she really needs to let loose.

Ruby was quite the British detective series connoisseur. Inspector Linley met with her late Saturday night approval

"Pack your bags kiddo! You are outta here!" Boomer is happy to pass on the news of Ruby's impending departure.

Boomer approves of the new bed cover and return to routine. I couldn't have asked for three better mentors for the pups than her, Digger and Robyn.


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