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July:Bound for Nova Scotia

Border Terrier Canada National Specialty - July 6, 2018

In conjunction with the Cape Breton Kennel Club Shows, Sydney, NS July 6-8, 2018
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September:Rocky Mountain High anybody?

Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty - August 31 - September 05, 2018

Island Grove Events Center, Greeley, CO Click here for Specialty information


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January - Where has this month gone?

2017 ended with an amazing visit from Anna and Mel with their assorted canines. Consequently we celebrated New Year with 4 people, 2 Whippets and 8 Borders ranging in age from 12 weeks to 15 years.
Anna left with one more than she came with as Lola (was Laa-Laa) has joined the Robaczewski household.

On the down side, Isobel's Maisie was diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), it was caught early and, hopefully, it can be well managed.

The month ended with a visist from Bob Glatter, his lovely wife Marsha and their youngest daughter Mickie (an asset to any kitchen). Our house was very quite when they left as Ruby (was Dipsy) departed with them to start a new and exciting chapter in her life.

Boomer, Robyn and Digger do not seem to be missing her one little bit.

Celebrating birthdays in January:
Lexi and Simon - 16 on January 3rd (never forgetting Maggie)
Anna's Felek - 5 on January 24th (yes, that's five years not five months!!!)
David & Lisa's Jessie - 3 on January 19th
Marg & Amanda's Devlin - 12 on January 26

Our traditional New Year's Day dinner all the better for being shared with good friends, and yes! The dogs did get to taste some leftover lamb!

The "old girls"; Molly, Boomer and Hazel off to the Hot Dog Cafe

Their manners were of course impeccable, we would expect no less from such seasoned travellers.

"Do you plan on finishing that?". Of course Mel saved them some.

"'You are my sunshine!" Geordie (UK) soaking up some rays

Hazel enjoying breakfast in bed while vacationing in Quebec!

Archie looking very pensive, bet he would have liked to visit

Jessie enjoying quiet time and good company on her birthday

At 16 years old, Lexi is entitled to demolish her cake

Fia was a great guest and made herself very much at home

Hazel and Felek just heard that Lola is going home with them.

Boomer just heard that Lola is going home with Felek and Hazel.

Robyn just heard .... Oh never mind! She doesn't give a dang!

Hazel, Lola and Felek happy to be home in Halifax. Though Hazel might be making a point

Ruby doesn't seem to be missing her sister one little bit, more toys and time for her.

Besides, she can always count on Digger for when she really needs to let loose.

Ruby was quite the British detective series connoisseur. Inspector Linley met with her late Saturday night approval

"Pack your bags kiddo! You are outta here!" Boomer is happy to pass on the news of Ruby's impending departure.

Boomer approves of the new bed cover and return to routine. I couldn't have asked for three better mentors for the pups than her, Digger and Robyn.


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